Listening: Day By Day by Citizens and Saints

Citizens and Saints produces music alike to biblical and orthodox hymn content mixed with contemporary instrument and sound to capture what God is doing internally and externally while reflecting God's work in their personal hearts and lives in community.

Their music is a way of teaching with humbled boldness, theological depth, biblical clarity, passionate love, and wide impact. Day by Day is helpful to understand how God's work of the gospel, his word, and Spirit justifies and sanctifies. Justification means declared righteous and reconciled to God, and sanctification means being continually cleansed, washed, and set apart of his use. We become a "new creation" that then is washed in continual sense, and they capture that truth.

Citizens and Saints were interviewed and they said, "This song is about sanctification and how God changes our desires and changes us. In reality, His love isn't indicative of our response to Him, but He changes us because He loves us. That's really what this song is about. Learning and growing, we may not believe everything we hear, but that doesn't make it less true, and that's where the Holy Spirit is changing us every day to see with a renewed heart and a renewed mind. He loves us and He is with us, and He is changing us for our good and His glory."

They nailed it.

Read the lyrics:
Even when I'm at my worst, I am still of righteous birth
Covered by a saving grace, Past, present future debt erased
My heart is changing day by day

When I run like wild fire
I am still a ransomed child
Bought will blood bought on a tree
Sin, death, they have no hold on me
My will is changing day by day

I'm not who I was, I am who I am
A sinner saved, a stumbling saint
Still never alone, He's alive in my bones
The ghost of God, Sanctifies

Day by day by day

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