Listening: The Forgiven by Zimmerman Band


A great song capturing the turning from and turning to. We turn from sin and our sinful state to God the one who's drawing our faith to be in him. This is repentance, a turning and transformation, for God's purposes and will.


Jesus He has seen
My faults I feel his hand heavy on me 

Blessed is the one
‘cause if Jesus made you clean you’re clean - oh oh 

And when I try to shut my mouth
I feel the death run through my veins
And when I try to shut You out
Your love pursues me night and day - oh oh 

Broken I confess
I’ll give You all inside my beating chest 

All these lies I've stored
I can't hide them I will hide no more 

My God could you just keep me still
This heart I have it wants to wander
This hole in me needs to be filled
I gave You dirt you gave me water 

Shout to me Your grace
Sing to me of how my sin’s erased 

God deliver me
Save me from my unbelief 

Wickedness has its own dues
Sorrow in the light of truth
But steadfast love surrounds the one
Who trusts in You and what You’ve done
Jesus for my imperfections
By my God I’ve been forgiven
Help me love and follow You
Lord help me not stray far from You - oh oh 

Turn from sin to Him
Turn to Him, the one who took your sin 

Rejoice in Jesus!
from My Soul Knows EP, released March 26, 2013

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