Sundays: Teaching through Hebrews


In the Spring of 2019 after our current teaching through the Bible’s Luke and Acts about Christ and Christianity, we will be going through another New Testament book of Hebrews. Hebrews quotes a lot from the Old Testament and a book that helps people understand the connection between Christ and salvation (i.e. being a Christian) as well as Christ and the Old Testament (i.e. was Jesus ever mentioned before he came to the earth?).

Here are a few questions Hebrews answers:

  1. What is faith?

  2. Is Jesus worthy to trust and how do I know I can trust him?

  3. Did others trust him before, during, and after he resurrected?

  4. Was Jesus mentioned or talked about prior to coming to the earth?

  5. How can I become a Christian?

  6. What is salvation?

  7. Am I saved and how do I know and trust that I am?

  8. Why did Jesus have to die and resurrect?

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