Listening: Telos Center

We have begun the organization and resource for equipping and training people in truth and love in varying context of life, Telos Center. The phrase is a purposeful and instructional phrase to capture the biblical pattern of what is to happen to any of us when listening and learning from God, his word, and living in the world. We want to provide helpful resources that reveal, affirm, and exemplify God's work on us to live for him in real life. Therefore, what finishes (telos) our hearts aims (telos) our life. 

We hear Christ's words on the cross "it is finished (telos)" as essential and affective for life, relationships, truth, and love (c.f. John 19:30). Paul later affirms that Christ's finished work on the cross also finishes (satisfies, completes, identifies) hearts to then make our life goals and central aim to love God and others (ie: make and train disciples) in 1 Timothy 1:5. God reveals that he humbles people to listen and learn, and as this happens, people affirm truth and transform to be loving. God's work becomes evident in the world and in our life.

Ultimately, we see Christ Jesus as the epicenter of God's word, his works, history, and life. As such, God calls us to trust him as more important than our own life, and he describes those trusting him as his church, which is a word with varying definitions but primarily used to describe God's people in any and all generations to live for his purposes and glory. So as the church is people who live for God, this includes parts of life being affecting such as church communities, pastoring, parenting, friendships, education, economics, government, and so on.

Learn about Telos Center and the varying training contexts, including Telos Media, which is an aggregate of helpful online resources that will grow to include audio, visual, video, articles, research, authors, books, and anything to help teach and train people to trust Christ and trust him wholly, fully, and solely as more important than their own or others. Begin with the initial Telos Media blog resource, which includes initial series on Inspirational Teachers Series, Bible Places Pictorial Library, and suggested books to read.

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