Listening: Promises by Sanctus Real

I'm posting this more for the lyrics that encourage, and Sanctus Real provides a helpful and reflective song for when life suffering and difficulties hits home and hits hard. We listen to songs not for entertainment or consumption, but to listen to others God is at work in and working through as a friend. They calls us to remember scripture, get into God's word, and since "Jesus is alive, hold onto his promises." "Let God's word be your strength" rings true as his he is stronger than life and anything that comes with it. This is true as we humbly live by truths, principles, and conviction through life's ups and downs as well as goods and evils. Either we turn to God's steadfast word and love or we look to the world for answers, comfort, and security. Those that turn to the Lord also build community with one another to no longer walk life alone.

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