Skepticism and Depression Because of a Brother's Death Turns to Trust in Christ by a Sister's Love

Watch 1 of several T4G recorded testimonies of people unashamed of the gospel and convicted to love those around them in order that they would come to know and trust Christ Jesus. As some of the videos reveal, not all respond in faith, but we continue to love regardless of their response because God continued to call us to believe in him.

Willian and Danica are brother and sister, growing up in a Christian home, later walk through the death of their brother and the pain of missing him. They grew up with parents that "were dedicated to the Lord and taught us who Christ was" and in a "Christian high school and Christian college and going to church." William shares about how he "mentally agreeing to the idea of God ... all those things led me to believe that I was a Christian."

William further shares how he becomes skeptical of God and depressed because of his brother's death. He tries living without him but the heaviness brings him to wasting away. He tries alcohol to cover the pain and comes to the point of suicide by stepping into traffic. He shares how he became "mean, loud, angry, abusive jerk" and how that even broke a relationship with a girl bringing him further into suicidal thoughts more and more along with seeing the church service Danica invited him to as pointless.

William tries but has incredible difficulties doing so and leaving to get more alcohol and ponder how stepping in front of a bus would end it all. Danica continues to help not merely to get her brother off alcohol or smoking or even suicide, but to understand and trust God for who he is and what he has done. Danica finds him and leads him to talk with her pastor, where the pastor shares about the fruit of the flesh versus the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5 in the Bible's New Testament.

William later reads Isaiah in the Bible's Old Testament to see that he needed a savior from the most important issue in his life which was not alcohol, suicide, or loss, but rather a relationship with God he had never had until realizing that it is only through the person and work of Christ -- the gospel -- on his behalf.

As we listen and understand the truth and love of God, we paradoxically understand why evil and death exist as well as how to grieve, walk through the pain, and live by the gain and love of God through the gravity and loss of life. At this point, we realize and become unashamed of the gospel. Truly, we learn that God reveals that life is not pointless or aimless because he reveals himself to be the point of our life and we live to his end. If not, we will always find a dead end in this life. When Christ becomes our end we also find him as our new beginning, trust him.

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