What is the Highest Good in Life?

Watch 1 of several T4G recorded testimonies of people unashamed of the gospel and convicted to love those around them in order that they would come to know and trust Christ Jesus. As some of the videos reveal, not all respond in faith, but we continue to love regardless of their response because God continued to call us to believe in him.

Caleb meets Billy in a college philosophy class, as Billy had been looking for more than mere knowledge to get a degree but searching for knowledge that affects real life. Billy searched Plato's Republic among other historical philosophers and literature looking for the answer to, "What is the highest good in life?"

Caleb and Billy later headed out to a ski trip where Billy hears a sermon from the Bible's Old Testament book of Isaiah hearing about God's scandalous love for humanity -- even each of us. Billy asks, "What should I do?" As Billy trusts Christ, he prays and confesses to the Lord the truth and love he had just heard.

Billy learns then that is not what you know but what you love in life, and he confesses he now loves Jesus in response to God's love.

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