5. We Are Biblical and Theological

The world and the Bible are created by God through his will and way, and Christianity is based upon him, his world and his word. Even so, God reveals himself in order to bring certainty to anyone. He loves the world, and wants the world to trust him because he is truthful -- not evil, sinful, tempting or broken.

The two categories of biblical and theological join together to explain the same truths of God and his world as well as how everything relates, which helps confirm truth and discern error. Wherever one begins, all truth leads to the source of truth - God - as all truth is God's truth. So, biblical refers to anything related to the Bible, and theological means anything related to theology, which is the study of God.

As in learning anything, its best to learn content in context, so as to characterize Christianity from God's point of view and direction of our life.


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