Gospel-Centered Living

Nothing is like Christianity because of what's at the center, Christ Jesus, and we believe that's good news (gospel).

If something else takes the center of Christianity, Christianity then falls apart. The strength, power and life of Christianity is the rock solid truth of God in three persons - the Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Within the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, God spoke the world into existence. Therefore, Christians believe in the only, true, breath-taking creator of the world.

Without him, we have nothing. Disbelieve him and Christianity becomes charitable organizations of brainwashed people wondering aimlessly through the world speaking and believing gibberish. Even in self-less acts of kindness exists the self, known more as self-centeredness.

We then are the beginning and end of ourselves. We exist to carry out the aims of our heart and world. We exist, though we never existed without a birth and there is an end to our existence. No one, at anytime, spoke to their parents before conception asking to be born, and neither is anyone able to continue living eternally. Eternally does not fit our earthly category of living. It's dis-believable that one can live eternally on the earth. Not one World History textbook, even the revised editions, carry an eternal tone of past people, powers, and persuasions.

Nothing is like Christianity because there is no one like Christ Jesus. Jesus claims to be eternal though he came into the temporal world. Jesus claims to have had a pre-existence before his earthly, human birth. Jesus claims to rise from death and reveals himself alive after the crucifixion.

For many and understandably so, confusion about Jesus lies as a lie in their soul. We understand as do many. We are unable to convince one another though we desire it. Rather, we are convinced of Jesus and believe him to be at the center of our life and living.

He teaches us that teaching truth and loving well truly happen together. Love becomes understood as truth-filled affection for another, divinely evidenced and created by God and his gospel (good news). Gospel-centered living marks the Christian, and the Christian marks the world around them with the truth and love of Christ Jesus.

We want to be just that, Christian - one convinced of gospel-centered living.

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