Planning from Inspiration

Loving and truthful people have inspired us to see Christ and Christianity, and we want that same inspiration for Sacramento and Northern California. We have started with the support of local churches and lifetime friends to begin small and, Lord willing, multiply wide.

Planning Telos Church

  1. Learn wisdom from mentors, pastors, leaders, resources and history.

  2. Assess with others the opportunity, need, desires, and abilities.

  3. Ask for accountability, oversight, help and guidance.

  4. Pray with others for God's direction and guidance.

  5. Involve others rightly in the process.

  6. Share with others the plans, needs and opportunity.

  7. Explain plans, mission and vision.

  8. Care for those involved to ensure healthy process.


Pastors and people multiplying into healthy, long-term churches with the same unified mission inspired by truth and love as raw, real, and reproducible Christians.


Inspired by truth and love to make life, disciples and churches all about Jesus.


Nate and Abby

Nate and Abby

Nate and Abby are married with five kids, in addition to being a host family for three years to an international student. Pastor Nate graduated from Valley Christian Academy in Roseville, The Master's College, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He returned excited and unashamed of the gospel to affect people's lives to love locally and globally. He's also working on Telos Center to be a robust resource for training people of what is central to Christianity, churches, and our lives. By this, he hopes to see healthy churches multiply and a re-discovery of Christian education.

We are planting the gospel in Sacramento.

Jesus uses the farming metaphor of planting when referring to the source and reproducible process of making disciples (Christians). He uses natural truth to make clear a spiritual truth. For example, an apple seed produces an apple tree, and even reproduces the same apple seeds to continue the process of planting and growing. Therefore, the farmer tends to and grows what he plants, expecting to reap the very same thing he has planted.

Jesus commands his disciples to plant truth in people’s faith. By this, they spiritually grow to reproduce, which is making disciples of Jesus. Jesus declares that he builds his church, and that his church is made up of people who follow him. Basically, Christ makes Christians. Therefore, we want to plant what makes Christians: Jesus the Christ.

We trust him.

If Jesus is Lord, and not a liar or lunatic, then we must be faithful to him, his teachings, and his commands. If he is truth and love, then we plant him--truth and love. This creates a different direction, sense, feel, and focus of who we are, what we believe, and what we do.

If we plant the truth of Jesus, known as the gospel, then disciples and churches sprout--but only if the Lord wills. In other words, we cannot plant a church; we can only plant the gospel. Jesus plants his church. Jesus builds his church. He gives us life. He spreads through people trusting him.

What begins a local church is what it grows by.

Therefore, we plant the gospel to make disciples, churches, and life all about Jesus.

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