Listening: Hopefully Broken by Zimmerman Band


Christian musician artists, Zimmerman Band, brings the truth and love of God via the gospel to bear on our hearts, realizing the reality of the world and ourselves that we are broken with him as our hope. Therefore, we are not hopeless in life; rather, filled with great hope -- him.



Lyrics from "My Soul Knows" Song

some would say our sin is small
the cross is long ago
his love is false and he has turned away

He would say our sin is great
the cross is where we see
his love is near and he has reached to me. 

my soul knows there are no chains that hold me
if the father holds me He holds me oh oh (repeat) 

my foe will say you've lost the race
you've wandered far from home
you don't deserve another day of grace

i will say you words are right but you forget the rest
the Son was slain and rose against your death

my past has weighed me down
my sin has brought on death

but he called me his own
and brought me home instead

my soul knows, doubts will rise inside me
but my savior will guide me

my soul knows, there are no sins that haunt me
if the father wants me, He wants me


from Hopefully Broken, released September 25, 2014

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