Listening: Missio Dei by Dr. Mark Young

We hope you become rocked on how you think about God, Christianity, church, and life through this teaching video series by Dr. Mark Young. Dr. Young had taught the below video series at Dallas Theological Seminary's chapel on the critical concept of Missio Dei. Dr. Young's 4 part chapel series completed in one chapel series week provides the origin and history of the phrase and overarching truths of scripture through the lens of Missio Dei.

Also take note of the resources like books and authors Dr. Young mentions including The Mission of God and The Mission of God's People by Christopher Wright. These are invaluable resources to live with passion, perspective, and pursuit of God in real life.

We would love for you to take the challenge by having a teachable heart, mindful attention, critical thinking, and a desire to be challenged beyond something you are not used to like this kind of method and content of teaching. Each of the 4 videos is about 30 minutes totaling a full length of two hours. It's critical to watch them in order, especially the first video talking through the origin and history of Missio Dei and how the world and the church is to understand following God deals with his nature and revelation of the gospel of Christ Jesus.

Dr. Young currently serves as president at Denver Seminary after his international work and then professorship of World Missions and Intercultural Studies at Dallas Seminary.

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