Listening: What are you doing in Sacramento? Planting the Gospel

Plant the Gospel video produced by Together for the Gospel is a unique and helpful resource to overall explain what we are doing in Sacramento which is to live and love for Christ that results in a unified and localized church community. Telos pastors are not here to "plant churches" but "plant the gospel and it bears fruit and forms a community." The gospel is also not a means to an end of wanting a local church to appear but the gospel is the reason for a local church to appear and pastors pastor to God's end.

What are you doing in Sacramento and beyond? Wanting God to become the epicenter of people's hearts and lives that love others to reveal the gospel as truly good news to be justified and sanctified by.

This is entirely difficult and many times "slow" but worth it in the end because God is our end and He's worthy. We want people to be dependent and trusting in him with their life, which creates a humbled, courageous, generous, and friendly community of people spread throughout and replicating among areas and regions. Truth and love begin to inspire where the Spirit works in lives to affect family and friends to taste of God's goodness and not ours.

He is wise, and we trust Him.

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