Listening: How to Listen to God by Dr. Stanley Toussaint

Dr. Stanley Toussaint addresses Dallas Seminary in "How to Listen to God and God's Word." The message serves anyone beyond being a seminary student. Dr. Toussaint brings a heritage of humility and honesty in teaching God's word. Dr. Toussaint makes clear that God has revealed himself in many ways and mainly in two primary ways of his world and the word, in which ultimately and supremely through the Living Word of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Toussant uses Psalm 19:1-14 and walks through the context word for word and line by line, and begins with "If God has spoken, nothing is more important than to listen to what he has said." He brings real life stories to help understand the meaning of the passage and the affect on our hearts and lives. Dr. Toussaint ends with these statements where God's word brings us to a point in life where our "deepest being is committed to Christ." He reveals that we may hear the word of God over and over again, through God's created world and word, but "how" you listen determines the affect and effects in our life to love him and others. 

And we say amen to his last statement before praying, "Let all of us be in humble and gracious submission to the glorious word of God."

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