A Challenge to Older People

God Calls You

God calls you -- the older in any generation -- to be believers in him. Believers are those that fear or stand in awe of him as more impressive than success, suffering, tragedy, money, fame, relationships, or anything else this world values or devalues. God's word ties in the need for people growing older in age to also grow humbler in trust of him. By that, the older generation becomes people who transfer more than mere money, habits, etiquette, resources, jobs, talents, and so on. They transfer the object of their faith. They transfer to the young the challenge, call, and command to fear and follow God -- the creator, sustainer, and savior of life and the world.

God Uses You

God describes these aged people as wise, steadfast, faithful, and endearing. God's design for the older is to rightly invest relational time, resources, and wisdom into the younger. Part of the design includes the biological process or parenting and grandparent influence. Other parts of God's design is for the older professionals, professors, pastors, and people in varying trades and work to invest, invite, and include the younger into real living -- work life, academics, hospitality, finances, relationships such as marriage and friendship, perspective and planning, and decision making.

God Guides You

You are not to focus on retirement, relaxing, life renewal, or rejection, but rather, you are to focus investment and involvement with the younger -- no matter the rejection, disrespect, or lack of value from the young and no matter your previous failures or lack of belief. You are to be or become one who examples humility, repentance, and authenticity about life. Be and remain steadfast -- steadfast in whom they have trusted all the years of their life. Let God guide you to train up the young.

God Trains the Young through You

Train up children. Train up young couples. Train up singles. Train up young professionals. Train up teachers and pastors. Train them to be wise, responsible, humble, teachable, and generous by having been wise, responsible, humble, teachable, generous. Train them to stop following the world. Train them to think, believe, and act differently. Train them to trust and follow Christ. Train them by being a follower of Christ.

Train them by being constant in their life. Train them by not giving up. Train them by listening and loving. Train them by teaching truth by knowing truth. Train them by spending your time with them in real, everyday life. Train them in real decisions.

And when rejected? Remain steadfast, resolved, immovable, and loving. Let the younger taste that which is good, honorable, truthful, and loving. Let the younger taste the Lord in the midst of many lords mastering and fighting for their trust and life. Let the younger taste when something good becomes missing. Let the younger taste a resolved, God-fearer that seeks them out with generosity, love, truth, and humility.

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