God Creates (Creation)

God created the entire universe and world by his spoken word, will and design for his pleasure, good and glory. God used six days to create by his power, process and pattern. God designed mankind to be in his image, likeness or similarities. God's design for mankind include being spiritual, relational, physical and emotional in order to enjoy him, his creation and one another.

Through the first five days of creation from space, galaxies, stars, sun, moon and planets to the earth's oceans, land, animals, insects and so on, God intended mankind to learn of his greatness, grandeur and glory. On the sixth day, God created the first human, a man he named Adam. God commanded Adam to manage and work the created world, and within this God created the first woman, named Eve, to be his helper and wife. God intended their names to reveal the beginnings of mankind as Adam, means from the earth or dirt, and Eve means the mother of all living.

Humanity lives in God's constant reminder of who he is, his creative power and his purpose for the world to trust him.

Example passages to reference:
Genesis 1-2; 1 Timothy 2:13; Hebrews 1:3 and 11:3

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