Tuesdays: Getting Together


On Tuesday’s, we are getting together 6:30-8:00 pm (anytime after 6pm basically) to have a time to catch up, have fun, and even learn the Bible’s Old Testament book of Hosea. This is is a unique book when God calls Israel, his own chosen people during that period of time ‘whores.’ An intense but enlightening book to say the least.


There will be a few Tuesdays when we will not get together like the week of Thanksgiving and the last three weeks of December. We will continue in January and into the Spring.


Bring your own dinner anytime though we may have snacks, desserts, or coffee available. Well, coffee is normally always available!


Yes. We have them, and we like others to bring them. They get to watch a movie, show, or play during our get together. Kids are a good thing, especially being around adults (well, maybe it depends on the adult ;)- ).

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