Sundays: Christ and Christianity via Luke's Gospel and Acts

Starting the Fall 2017, Nate is teaching through Luke's Gospel and Acts about Christ and Christianity. Either Jesus the Christ (Messiah) existed or he didn't. If he did, then we need to learn and trust who he really is. He is who he says he is or he's not. He can't be a figment of our imagination, the object of our own interpretation, defined by our experiences (good or bad), or changed by social pressure.

C.S. Lewis once summarized that Jesus is either a liar, lunatic, or lord. We've added one to that list -- legend. Jesus is either a liar, lunatic, legend, or lord. If he's Lord, then we are to trust him. If he's not, we walk away.

Therefore, there must be a different way to go about learning who he really is, especially looking through history and the Bible. We all have had our own questions. Some have been genuine, some from skepticism, and some from hate. 

Who is Jesus? Is he just a good example for a good life? Is he another option in the religious buffet? Is he a tyrant or hippy? Is he trendy or traditional? Is he a mastermind of a multi-millennia cult? Is he God? Is he a man? Did he really die on a cross and resurrect to life 3 days later?

What did Jesus teach? Did he teach peace or war? Did he magically heal people or a scientifically masquerade among people? What did he do with the Old Testament? What did he train his disciples to believe and do? What does it mean to be his follower? What did he teach about God? Are heaven and hell real? Will I go to heaven when I die? Is he the creator or did we just come from an evolutionary process?

Is Jesus okay with my lifestyle? Can I have sex with anyone? Is he against suicide? Is abortion okay? Can I practice any religion? Does he really care how or where I live? Do I just live however I want? Is there a lot of rules to follow?

The questions are constant -- good or bad and regardless of the rhyme or reason. Either way, we are tackling the age old questions that seem to always pop up throughout any age. Surprisingly, the answers are clear, helpful, and practical. Most importantly, they are truthful and loving.

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