3. We Are Evangelical

The word refers to Christians who live by the central and transformational importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ to life. It comes with a sincere sense of boundary or barrier to give others certainty of Christ and Christianity in comparison to other beliefs. 

The word's origin comes from the Bible's New Testament for gospel -- euangelion (εὐαγγέλιον). Evangelical then conveys one who carries a message of good news. God's good news to the world is Jesus's life, death and resurrection to kill sin and eternally protect people from separation from him. Evangelical then connects the centrality of the gospel to the heart and every day life. The connection comes through defending (teaching) doctrine (teachings) that filters through a biblical and theological process and results in a confessional and missional way of living that loves.

God aims doctrine and people to the good news of Christ to rightfully transform people. Thus the gospel is central to life and Christianity.